Letter of Separation

Letter of Separation

I, Valerie, hereby declare that from this day onwards, I will separate myself from my former “husband”, Ed (my eating disorder). The grounds of separation are:

1) He has been abusive, leading me maliciously towards self-starvation, compulsive overworking of my body, and spiritual decline.

2) He has been manipulative, getting me to do things I do not wish to do such as causing grievous hurt towards myself, my family, and God.

3) He has been a deceiver, sugarcoating his words, tempting me to believe that thinness and self-glorification is the right goal to pursue and feeding me with all sorts of lies.

4) He has been an authoritarian ruler, ordering me to obey draconian rules and rigid schedules so that I have no moment to rest and enjoy the things God created.

5) He has kept me trapped and shackled in a dark, lonely prison so that I am estranged from healthy relationships and my true purpose in life.

6) He has made me wear distorted lens so that all I see and hear pass through his faulty filters.

7) He has been a thief, stealing all my precious dreams and friendships.

The abuse has carried on for no less than 5 years, which is far too long. I am now ready to step out, to break up with Ed, and to live a life that is without him. He may fight me all along the way, but God is on my side. I will not give him a second chance to come crawling back. Even if post-separation life is difficult, it will be so not because I am living in Ed’s prison, but because I am truly living life on life’s terms. I will put on the full armour of God which will shield me against Ed’s lies and bullying. I will seek God’s presence to wean myself off Ed’s sweet talking. By God’s grace and with the backing of my ever-encouraging support team, I will do whatever it takes to make this divorce FINAL.

Signed by: Valerie



  1. Valerie…this is great this letter to Ed divorceing him.I hope that in my steps of recovery I can divorce Ed too…Thanks for shareing:)

  2. im signing this as a witness!
    thank you for your comment on my blog… i know you mean well by saying all you did, yet ed turns it around in my head and telling me the opposite and that what i am doing is bad and i should feel guilty and stop. of course. but it’s all right. what he thinks doesn’t matter (much) to me 😉 im sending positive energy your way for a full, speedy, and lasting recovery and separation from ed 🙂 take care beautiful :}

  3. im going to sign separate letter with ed too when im stronger!

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