Posted by: soulvoyager | August 12, 2010

Just Like That

Don’t just stand at the door. I’ve got plenty of room here for you. And you. And you! Come on in, all you sweethearts, and join me for tea. We all need some pampering on special days, don’t we? You know what I mean. Those special days when all you wanna do is prop your feet on a couch, lie back, and daydream. Let’s make today a special day, shall we not? My Ocha is already brewing nicely in the pot. It won’t take long. Ahhh… There you go.

I’ve got the most lovely tea cups prepared. Just for us.

Can you smell the fragrance of the roasted rice? That invigorating aroma – it makes me wanna linger. On and on.

Let’s see. What else have I got here? Oh dear! Have you spotted it? I should have remembered. Go on and help yourselves. It’s right there in the pantry. I hope you don’t mind. It’s not any posh nosh. Just good old homely kueh dadar. Mine’s already sitting comfortably on that pretty plate.

Oops… my apologies! I couldn’t wait. It was just too tempting.

So I ate it. Just like that.

You know my history. Just two years ago, I couldn’t have imagine myself doing this – eating my favourite food, just like that. I wouldn’t even have let it brush past my lips.

But today, I did it.

No planning.

No counting.

No guilt-tripping.

No compensating.

It was as it was. Peaceful. Luxurious. Blissful.

And of course, so very special, because I got to share it with you.

I want to be free. Totally free. Just like that. Do you?



  1. Could I please come join you for tea? It sounded very peaceful.
    Isn’t the sheer fact of eating something you were nervous to simply amazing….and that it felt good?

  2. I found myself wishing I could eat a tasty tidbit “just like that” too, this afternoon. I didn’t manage it guilt-free, but your post was encouraging. Thanks!

  3. Hi Soulvoyager (dropped by to say hi)

    That DOES look pretty – and even tasty…but what it is made of?

    *looks again* (you always take such great pictures – I miss some of them now that my computer is too wounded to load them all the times I want it to)

    Is that an egg roll of some kind like you would find in a bento box?


    • Oh, that is called a nonya kueh, which is like a simple snack food made by the Peranakans. It’s very common here in Singapore, and we usually have it for many festivities like the Malay New Year (Hari Raya). =P

  4. Hell, Valerie. I want to fly out to Singapore RIGHT NOW and just join you for tea, munching on random goodies, not even thinking about the calories, but just enjoying your presence…I wish I had the physical freedom to do just that, but mental and spiritual freedom…now that’s priceless!

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